Beloved,  I pray that this piece finds you well and abounding in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is always good. The past week has been a wonderful one with our daily prayer meetings being well attended and the atmosphere always charged with effectual fervent prayer. I have no doubt that we will get tremendous results as we progress through the year.

Our theme for the year is “Knowing Christ and Making Him Known” and we have studied the fact that no one can know Christ outside of the Holy Spirit. Unless the Spirit opens your eyes to Christ, you can be so close and yet miss Him completely. Judas is a clear example as well as the brothers and sisters of Jesus.

Today, I want us to go a little further beyond knowing Christ. This is because it is not enough to know Him; we must also  endeavour to make Him known. The problem however is that we cannot effectively make Him known until we become like Him.

For example,  we all know that Jesus started His ministry by making disciples. He had the three, the twelve, the seventy and the multitudes.  In Matt. 28:19 however, He asks us to and make disciples just like Him. The question however is, How can we make disciples unless we become like Him?  And how do we become like Him?

It is not enough to just conclude that because Jesus is God, He would have been able to anything He wanted without any effort. This is clearly not the case.

Jesus became the Jesus we know not just because He is God but because of things that He did. He took responsibility especially in the place of fasting and prayer.  Everything that Jesus did was by the power of the Holy Ghost and He always used fasting and prayer to that effect.

In Luke 3:21, we read that He was praying whilst being baptised which caused the Heavens to open and the Holy Ghost come upon Him. From here the Spirit led Him to wilderness where He fasted forty days after which He returned in the power of the Holy Ghost. As if that was not enough, he spent countless nights in prayer and had a routine of early morning prayer too. I have no doubt that fasting and prayer will change us too and make us like Christ so that we can make disciples and do the works of Christ, saving the lost to the glory of the father. Be blessed.