Glory be to God for His grace and mercies which have seen us through this year’s Dominion Fast. I must say that God has really been good. We have had a very blessed time in God’s presence these past 20 days fasting and praying every day. It is my prayer that He who hears prayers will see your effort and reward you accordingly.

Today, I just want to share with you some observations I have made in my Christian walk with regards to how fasting and prayer really bring us into the class of Christ. We have already understood that Christ Himself took His rightful place through fasting an prayer. If this is the case, then we dare not expect to have it any other way.

The first thing you will have to understand in order to see the importance of fasting and prayer is that Christ did not come to give us a religion but He came to redeem us from our fallen state in order to restore us to our God-nature.

We were made in the image and likeness of God. We are expected to do things just like God does. This privileged position was lost through sin. After sin entered, we became victims of the devil and our own confusion instead of conquerors who reign with God in His universe.

Christ therefore came to pay the price not just so we can go to Heaven when we die but that we can have our former position of power, dominion, holiness and “Godliness” restored. The deceiver however helped us to turn it into a religion with a few dogmas. This does not bring us into the image of God but rather tends to further perpetuate the pain and frustration of being lost from our former state.

In John 10:10 Jesus says that The thief only came to steal, kill and destroy but He Jesus came to give us life in the overflowing measure. This is what we lost. Until we understand that following Christ is for our immediate restoration, we will only take prayer and fasting as another religious exercise.

When you do it for the sake of religion, you will only do when you can. But when you understand that it for your total transformation from a fallen defeated state into an overcoming unstoppable Godlike man, you will take it with all seriousness. Let us not stop fasting just because the 21 days are over. Make it your lifestyle for the transition.