Praise the Lord my dear brothers and sisters. It is my utmost hope that you have had a tremendous week as we have continued fasting and praying. This one thing I know, that your expectation shall not be cut off. Press on till you see the faithfulness of our God.

Last week, we looked at how Christ Himself attained His level of spiritual authority through fasting and prayer. We understood that that even though He was the son of God, He did not take chances on the power contest but made every effort to pay the price through fasting an prayer. This, He did not only to acquire spiritual power but also to set an example for us to follow.

This week, we will look at how fasting and prayer positions us for the Holy Ghost to change us into the image of Christ. Jesus said we will become like Him but we understand that He achieved everything by the power of the Holy Ghost as He opened Himself up through prayer and fasting.

One thing that fasting and prayer changes in us is our spiritual sensitivity. Jesus was very sensitive to the happenings in the unseen world. Since this hidden world has a direct influence on the seen world, every person who desires to have success down here must seek to know and be able to control what happens out there. Fasting is the means for reaching into the unseen world. It quickens your spirit and positions you for exploits. In 2 Cor. 11:27, Paul declares he has a constant life of fasting and in 2 Cor 12:7, he says he had so much promotion through the abundance of revelations that God had to find a way of limiting him.

Another change that fasting works in us is humility. Fasting breaks the pride of the flesh and forces us to relinquish our trust in it for a trust in God. When we learn not to trust ourselves, true humility sets in which positions us for God’s ultimate help which always brings promotion.

The Kingdom of God thrives on an army or healthy soldiers. A sick person cannot do much for God. Jesus was never sick. Fasting is one major way through which our bodies shed toxins and unnecessary fat so as to reset our bodies for good health.

Fasting has a lot more effects on our lives that I will be sharing in the service today. I trust you will be blessed.