Shine Ministries would not exist without outreach. Our usefulness is enshrined in our mandate to go out and touch the sick, oppressed, confused, poor, and hopeless, failing and most importantly those who do not have eternal and abundant life in Christ with His saving and healing power.
Outreach is a church-wide commission but we also have a dedicated team who are out on the streets of our neighbourhood with the gospel and also a helping hand to meet real needs as well as the healing power for those who need instant intervention.
Our Summer Street Praise Campaigns are popular with shoppers who stop by to enjoy and even join in. Many lives are touched on these days as they ask for on the spot prayer and counselling.
Breakfast meetings are also strong on our church calendar as we bring in as many people as we can to a time of banqueting and feeding on the word and fellowship. Our Beach trips and Barbecues have equally been a blessing to many who testify to having been touch by the love of God.