What a mighty God we serve! Beloved, I am confident of this thing that you have enjoyed the goodness of the Lord. Let us praise Him for the gift of life. I have no doubt that whatever else that is lacking in your life will be perfected in Jesus’ name.

Last week, we understood that there are levels in Christianity and that certain levels yield no result whatsoever, making the believer who operates therein a loser in the end. We trust God to take us deeper this week in Jesus’ name.

Even though there are levels in our walk with God and every Christian is encouraged to go deeper with Him, only God Himself has the power to draw anyone into a higher realm or a closer walk with Him. This, He does by looking at our hunger for Him.  In Matt . 5:3-12, Jesus clearly demonstrates this situation that it takes hunger for more of God before He calls  you into a closer walk with Him.

When He calls you closer to Himself,  the first thing He does is to show you His glory and holiness. This is all part of the process to make you fit to walk with Him. When he shows you His Holiness, your own sins and limitations become so pronounced that you will consider yourself fit for destruction.

This is where the redemptive work of Christ begins to make sense to you. Many Christians keep trampling on Jesus because they have not really appreciated their own state without the redemptive work of Christ.

This understanding creates two further things in you.  It makes you humble knowing that you are nothing without Him and it also makes you willing to obey everything He asks of you. It also makes you to seek to totally depend upon Him for everything.

At this point, the Holy Ghost power is released  to you to help you live the new life that you now crave. Many Christians do not have the Holy Ghost power in their lives because they have not demonstrated a true need for Him. God will not force Him upon you but when you see your uselessness without Him, you will stop at nothing until you are filled so that you can live like Christ.