How To Join

In Church – come as you are, speak to the welcome team

All services are open to the general public and are set up with you in mind. We are always expecting you to turn up so don’t hesitate. Just come as you are.

If you need any special arrangements for your coming, do not hesitate to call or email us ahead of time and our helpful team of ushers will gladly set things in place for you.

Once you come and like it (and you will), speak to our welcome team after the service and a tailor made support will be put in place to help you fully integrate into our church family.

On this website

By sending us an email, by using the Join a ministry link, or by calling any of our numbers.

Sending Email

Send an email to our email address on the contact page and let us know you want to be a member.

Fill the joining form

Fill the Join form, this will send an email to our team with you.