Our Pastors

Pastor Derek Aggrey-Solomon

Pastor Derek is an anointed man of God with an uncommon insight into God’s word. Ordained into the ministry by the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Pastor Derek is one of God’s end-time apostles with a clear mandate to proclaim the liberation of mankind from all forms of satanic bondage through the proclamation of faith in Jesus Christ. His Spirit filled messages which focus of Faith, Holiness, Righteousness, The Holy Ghost, Obedience, Prayer and Discipline are followed with healings and the manifestations of the Holy Ghost.

Pastor Derek co-authored “The Courtship that leads to Marriage” with his childhood sweetheart Pastor Selgelia Aggrey-Solomon, who is the co-pastor of Shine Ministries and they make their home together with their son Judah and daughter Tehillah in Kent, United Kingdom.

Pastor Selgelia Aggrey-Solomon

Pastor Selly as she is affectionately called is a wonderful bible teacher with a rare scriptural memory. Also called Mummy by her protégés, Pastor Selly serves as a strong anchor for her husband Pastor Derek in the effective running of Shine Ministries besides preaching and teaching the word with clarity in Shine and at other conferences on invitation. She is a marriage counselor and holds the Marriage Tips seminars.